I write about feminist and social justice issues, about how I was forced to ‘convert’ to Islam as a child, and about the years of religious misogyny that followed.

Eventually I rejected the religion that had been imposed on me, this resulted in disownment, isolation, disconnection and vulnerability. It was only when I started to blog that things shifted. My writing has connected me with others in a similar position and it’s taught me that the trauma caused by misogynistic ideology is real.

Despite the backlash from some Muslims and cultural relativists, and the silence from feminists with a platform, there are growing numbers of women and men, all over the world, who battle to escape enforced religion.

Initially I wrote to heal. Now I write because I want others to know they’re not alone. There should be no shame in leaving Islam, or in discussing the misogyny, isolation, coercion, oppression & disownment that is too often justified using Islamic doctrine.

To the girls and women suffering because of male interpretations of modesty, honour, and purity, know this: you deserve more.


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  1. Thanks for visiting Two On A Rant. I love the way you have stepped out of the fold of the downtrodden and come into your own. It’s an extremely hard thing to do and speaks well of your strength of character and sense of fairness to all. Good wishes for your future and the continuation of your growth.

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